Flairosol® Fovia

The latest innovation from our design team is Flairosol® Fovia, a spray dispenser optimised for foam liquid sprays.

Cleaning in and around the house is enough of a chore. Nobody wants to be breathing in propellant gases or getting cramp in their trigger finger whilst ensuring a hygienic environment. Flairosol® Fovia is the answer - a spray dispenser that gives an even distribution and is fun to use! Foam is a useful cleaning agent because it adheres to vertical surfaces where regular liquids drip away. We realized that a sophisticated foam liquid dispenser would be an essential addition to the Flairosol® range. The ever-inventive team at Flairosol® has come up with a powerful spray dispenser that is optimised for foaming liquids. We want to hear from our colleagues in the cleaning fluid manufacturing sector who are looking for a practical and attractive foam dispensing solution.


The strong foaming action of Flairosol® Fovia is a logical fit for household cleaning agents but also for multiple other foam applications.

Cover large kitchen surfaces quickly and attack all angles in ovens, microwaves, cupboards, and refrigerators.
Keep irregular and vertical bathroom surfaces (bathtubs, toilets and shower screens) spotless with a consistent foam spray.
Foam is an effective degreaser because it adheres to a surface longer and allows the chemicals in the cleaner to get to work.
Flairosol® Fovia is not limited to household cleaning tasks. Foam cleaning sprays have many applications in automobile valeting.

Features and Benefits

Designed to cover surfaces quickly and evenly with a consistent, effective, and powerful foam spray.
Within our existing bottle range, we also meet the demands of the environmentally conscious consumer by offering ergonomic removal and replacement of the spray head for refilling.
Dispensing with the procurement of propellants and pressurised containers can remove supply chain pinch points.
Flairosol® Fovia works upside down and every which way - for effective foam spray dispersal in tight corners.

Next steps

If Flairosol® Fovia sounds like the spray dispenser product that you have been waiting for and you are interested in placing an order, contact our sales team. For smaller orders, we’ll connect you to one of the partners from our global distribution network who are local to you.


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