Flairosol® Oleo

The next generation propellant free, refillable spray oil dispenser for domestic and commercial kitchen use

Spray oil has become more popular in restaurant and home kitchens as chefs and passionate cooks at home seek to limit the calory-intake while taking advantage of the variety of properties and flavours that using oil offers.

Flairosol® Oleo is a propellant-free refillable dispensing solution. Users fill their Flairosol® spray oil bottles with their favourite oils.


The even spray and controlled dosage produced by Flairosol® Oleo has been designed with these culinary applications in mind:

Greasing cake and pie tins to prevent the contents from sticking.
An even covering of oil can be applied directly to meat and vegetables.
Seasoning /
Maximise flavour while keeping the calories to a minimum.
Effortless coverage of the pan ready for shallow frying.

Features and Benefits

Flairosol® Oleo can be refilled easily with the chef’s favourite cooking oils. The anti-drip nozzle means minimum wastage.
Certain oils contain residues and particles that in time could clog up the workings of the sprayer. Our filter system prevents this happening.
health risk
Our propellant-free Oleo’s are produced in compliance with regulations on food safety.
With more and more consumers seeking control over oil and calory intake, Flairosol® Oleo with its controlled dosage feature is the right answer to this need.

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